2013 Hawaii Chinese International Cultural Arts Festival

“ 2013 Hawaii Chinese International Cultural Arts Festival” on Nov. 23, 7:00 pm at the Hawaii Theatre.The 2013 Hawaii Chinese International Cultural Arts Festival brings together western and Chinese music, dance, folk music, plus Korean and dancers.
Doors open at 6 p.m. A Chinese pottery from Jin-De-Zhen and a shui cai hua Chinese water color painting, can viewed in the lobby. The show starts at 7 p.m.
Tickets are $35, $25 and $15 can be purchased at the Blaisdell Center box office and Ticketmaster.com
Performers include pianist Irwin Jiang, opera singer Bai He, and guitarist Landon Mattox.
Other artists include dizi (Chinese flute) musician John Chow Seymour, pipa (Chinese lute) musician Yang Xi and gushing (Chinese zither) player Yi Chieh Lai. Tai Ji Ma Xiao Hong Hawaii Chinese Lion Dance Association, Malinanung Uni”, and other dance groups will also perform.

Below is background information on some of the performers:

Pianist Irwin Jiang started with the Ellen Masaki School of Music and graduated from the College of Charleston, where he is continuing his studies with Enrique Graf. He received a full scholarship to attend the College of Charleston and he has received the Edwin Davis Peacock Award for Excellence in Piano several times there, and has collaborated with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. His graduating year he received the ExCEL Student of the Year Award of the School of the Arts. This summer Irwin participated in MusicFest Perugia, in Perugia, Italy, where he was fortunate to have worked with Mikhail Petukhov, Eduardo Delgado, Graham Scott, Alexander Korsantia, Peter Frankl, Sergei Babayan, and Ilana Vered. He performed with the Parlarte Symphonic Orchestra under the baton of Sergei Babayan. Irwin was also featured on a South Carolina ETV Radio show “On the Keys” on August 30th. Irwin attended Saint Louis High School while he was studying with Mrs. Ellen Masaki and was the winner of the 2008 Aloha International Piano Competition, Young Artist Division. He was a recipient of the Morning Music Club scholarship and was showcased on National Public Radio’s “From the Top”, a classical music program that travels the country looking for young musicians from each state, a performance which was sold out at the Hawaii Theatre and broadcast nationally.

Opera singer Bai He is pursuing a master’s degree for Opera at the University of Hawii. Soprano Bai He has been praised for her beautiful vocal timbre and remarkable artistic precision. She has been on stage from a young age, serving as a soloist and lead singer in various musical and dramatic events. She began her formal studies at the China Conservatory of Music in 2005. By her third year there, she placed fourth in the 38th Bellini International Vocal Competition in Italy, where she was the only female singer from Asia to enter the final round of the competition. She later won first place in the Canada and Hong Kong International Artists competition. In 2009, she was cast as the lead soprano in the global premier of the show Heartbeat, which took her to Hawaii for the first time. She then joined the Hawaii Opera Theatre Mae Z. Orvis Studio and has been a featured soloist with that company for their annual Opera Ball as well as for their 50th Anniversary Gala Concert. She recently gave a solo concert in Qingdao and Lan Zhou, China, which she preceded with a lecture on the art of Opera and Bel Canto. She was a 2011 winner of the University of Hawai`i Concerto Competition and a 2012 winner of the Morning Music Club Scholarship Competition. She was the first soprano to be invited to collaborate with one of the biggest youth symphony in US: Hawaii Youth Symphony for their 2012 spring concert. She is currently earning a Master of Music degree at the University of Hawai`i, where she studies with Dr. Maya Hoover.

Pipa player Yang Xi is pursuing a master’s degree in ethnomusicology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Landon Mattox is the Lessons Director and Guitar and Ukulele Instructor at Easy Music Center. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Music from University of North Carolina at Asheville and two master’s degrees in jazz studies and music education from the University of North Texas and he was a lecturer at Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou, China for 4 years in the Jazz Studies department there. At the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Landon has lectured on the topic of early African-American music for the World Music course.

Dizi player John Chow Seymour is a doctoral student in music composition at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. He composes for both Western and Asian instruments, and as a flute player, he studies flutes from China, Korea, Japan, and Indonesia. His favorite genre of Chinese music is traditional Kunqu (昆曲) opera.

As a guzheng soloist and an ensemble member, Yi-Chieh Lai has been invited to perform in Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, America, Germany and France. Her first album “Transformation - Contemporary Taiwanese Zheng Music Performance” was nominated as the Best Folk Music Album of the Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan. She is a current ethnomusicology PhD student of University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Tai Ji disciple Ma Xiao Hong studied martial arts with Master Ma, Yuan Nan since she was six years old. She had learn southern style boxing, northern style kicking, free fighting, combat grappling, and the national provisions Group A routine. She specialized in southern style Leopard fist, Cyclone blade, Shaolin stick, Markov Five Plum Blossom Spear, tai chi, Sword, among others. She participated in many martial arts competitions in large-scale sports games, winning an all-around medal, an individual gold meal, and a bronze medal. After graduation, she became a middle school teacher and was employed by the Zhongshan Municipal Martial Arts Association as a martial arts coach and referee. Now, she is a martial arts instructor for the Hawaii Chinese Lion Dance Association.

Echo Gu is an aspiring artiest.

What inspires her are things that are beautifully created by nature and the feelings that are buried deep down in hearts that makes us human.

Painting offers me her in heart and opens her eyes for the fundamental structures of all lives in our world, to see how amazingly they are created to complement each other which makes her appreciate all the things offered in her life.

She believes that Nature painted the world, and she is just trying to imitate that work, hoping to capture those precious moments, and deliver its message.


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