The goals of Chinese Arts Wushu Cultural Center

We are a non-profit organization... we are not supported by any other organization. We are new to the community as an organization in Hawaii and we like to share our culture with the community so we can be more involved and gain a better mutual understanding .  If there is any misunderstanding among other Chinese groups in the [...]


A teaser

A short teaser for July 2nd 2010 Event from aisis aisis on Vimeo. Irwin Jiang attributes to his late Piano Teacher, Ellen Masaki at the Manoa Music Theatre.

Brief Bios of Feature Performers

The Chinese Arts Wushu And Cultural Center is a new establishing non-profit organization. The center is hosting the 2010 Hawaii Chinese Cultural Arts Festival at the Hawaii Theater. In the event this center will showcase a variety of Western and Chinese arts performed by professionals in their art. There will be Western and Chinese classical [...]


  Come and join us with your family and friends for a fun entertaining night with live performances of Chinese music, dance and wushu... If interested sign up for lessons at the center...we can't wait to share with you our culture in a friendly environment with passionate volunteer teachers... Pick up vouchers at the Shanghai [...]